Working together!  Thermal Trend, the leader in infrared imaging software, offers you a complete office suite to manage your Infrared PdM Inspection Program.  "Fully integrated infrared image analysis tools and the No. 1 selling database for field force automation and data collection."


Thermal Trend - Lean DB

Imagine... seamless integration of your infrared PdM program with IR cameras, computers/Pocket PC's, data and web technology.

Lean DB is an easy and effective Enterprise Database system for the Pocket PC and Desktop computers, which allows you superior data management and analysis of your facility's Infrared PdM Inspection Program.


At the core of Thermal Trend Lean DB is a powerful SQL database that manages all the data associated with your Infrared PdM program — from scheduling your inspection all the way to generating your reports.


Thermal Trend - Lean DB builds upon the foundation of "Lean Thinking" as it applies to establishing, conducting and managing a truly World Class/ Best Practices Predictive Maintenance Program.


The Professional Thermographers choice when it comes to establishing, performing, and managing Infrared PdM inspection programs
Enterprise database expandability and scalability to meet any thermographers needs.


What are customers saying?

"This is hands down the best IR PDM database program on the market" Mike Smith, Intel (Past Application Engineer for FLIR Systems)


"I can’t wait to see the reaction of my customer when I go over the Thermal Trend report. They say, “Your report is outstanding.” How do you think I felt about that? Wow!"  Scott M.


“Thermal Trend is the best thing that has happened to Thermography since the Bolometer!!" Dan S.


"Thermal Trend is the Killer application for Thermography, Bar None!" B. G.


"Without Thermal Trend... it would be incalculable time wise to manually report past problems on a piece of equipment over a period of inspections."
"Thermal Trend has significantly cut down on my paper work."
Steve Charltion, General Motors Thermographer


"I'm telling you, It’s as simplistic as hell, and it - Looks Good! Anybody can use it!” John Bankhead RTS, Inc.


"Thermal Trend is the key for corporate management to standardize and benchmark the preventative/predictive maintenance activities of their facilities." Paul Ziereisen, Zurich Risk Engineering Manager

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