Key Benefits

True, Innovation without limitation... Game Over!

Obtain better speed, flexibility, and accuracy during your inspection and post inspection process by utilizing Thermal Trend - Lean DB.

  • No. 1 selling infrared database for 6 years in a row!
  • Works directly with IR image file formats like SIT, IMG, JPG, TIF, IS2 from all of the major camera manufactures.
  • Fastest infrared PdM inspection and reporting system available!
  • 100% accountability.
  • Unsurpassed data analysis capabilities
  • Demonstrable return on investment
  • Scalable, flexible and upgradeable to meet your growing PdM program needs.

A truly remarkable system for assisting you in performing and managing your infrared thermographic inspections, collecting and reviewing data, and generating reports quickly. At the core of Thermal Trend - Lean DB is a powerful database that manages everything from inspection scheduling, inventory of equipment to test, problem trending and reconciliation of repairs, to report generation.

At the heart of Lean DB is the ability to manage the "accountability" of your program- that is, having immediate access to the complete inventory and the associated test status of every piece of equipment. Before the inspection is performed, the database can be synchronized with a Pocket PC so you can have the entire database in the palm of your hand while performing your inspection.

Its one-to-many relational database architecture design allows for increased performance and speed while eliminating duplicated data and input errors by the end user. Lean DB allows you to retreive, view, and enter data for one site, many locations; one location, many pieces of equipment; one piece of equipment inspected many times; one piece of equipment, many problems; one problem trended over many inspections.

Once data is input into the database, it is used in a number of places. This reduces the amount of redundant data entry associated with flat file reports/databases and eliminates errors due to spelling mistakes associated with entering the name of a piece of equipment in two different ways.