Key Features

The Freedom to Choose your Own Path!

Obtain better speed, flexibility, and accuracy during your inspection and post inspection process by utilizing Thermal Trend - Lean DB. From scheduling to inspection accountability, Thermal Tend gives you the tools which are necessary to manage your entire infrared PdM program.

Thermal Trend easily handles:

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  • The tracking of equipment to be tested
  • Documenting new and repeat problems
  • Automatic problem work order generation
  • Reconciliation of past problems with repairs
  • Tracking of problem conditions over time
  • Flexible and easily modifiable inspection order Inspection scheduling management

Open Architecture .Net and SQL Relational Database

At the core of Thermal Trend - Lean DB is a powerful database that manages everything from inspection scheduling, inventory of equipment to test, problem trending and reconciliation of repairs, to report generation.

database applicationsThermal Trend - Lean DB offers a desktop computer (Laptop or Tablet PC) database application and a Pocket PC database application. The desktop application and the Pocket PC application share the same database, while offering a user interface that is virtually identical. The only difference between the two applications is that the desktop version has report generation and data export capabilities.

You simply create your database with your site's information on your desktop computer. It automatically synchronizes with your Pocket PC. Take your Pocket PC out on the inspection and record your inspection records i.e.: enter new locations and equipment, barcodes, test status and problems that are found.

The Power of the Pocket PC

using the pocket pc

Easily enter data directly into the database of the problems that you find, or dictate voice comments for later data entry on your desktop

Pocket PC's running MS Windows Mobile 5 operating system offer premium performance and universal connectivity to desktop computers, and a truly portable information rich solution that fits into your shirt pocket! Extensively field-tested, the Pocket PC's advanced design and unique features enable Working Mobility in situations where the use of a pen tablet is just not the right solution for thermographers on the go.

Many corporations today rely on Pocket PCs to streamline business processes, increase productivity, reduce costs and improve competitiveness. Pocket PCs give you the ability to have critical information at your fingertips regarding equipment you are currently testing. Real-time analysis offers the capability of reviewing and comparing equipment's present and past problems, delivering trending information and status history tests. This approach assists you in correctly analyzing the problem and accurately documenting the condition.

Find Equipment and Locations quickly

Equipment or locations are easily found in Lean DB by utilizing the Bar Code, GPS (Global Positioning System), or Asset ID.

Standard off the shelf barcode readers and GPS systems work directly with the program.bar code your equipment

Bar coding your equipment and locations for fast look-up of your equipment’s past test status and reconciliation of past problem conditions ensures the problems were fixed correctly.

Work with the Intuitive User Interface

Thermal Trends intuitive user interface allows you to drill down to all of the relative information you need.

Intuitive User Interface

Routes are indicated with Smart Icons

Identifying Routes

You can easily organize your equipment by locations based on the best way for you to go through your inspection in a efficient manner. Quickly reconcile any open or closed problems as well as review test status on equipment.


Create, Track & Trend several item types

item types

Thermal, Corona, Visual, Roof, Ultrasound, Transformer/LTC, Regulator, Batteries, Pole Trends, Inspection Notes, Repairs are easily tracked as well as Baseline Trending of equipment.

Work directly with a variety of Infrared Image formats

Work with image formats of other manufacturers

Work directly with a variety of Infrared Image formats (*.img, *.jpg, *.iri, *.is2, *.sit) from several camera manufacturers. Analyze your images from within your database. Thermal Trend - Lean DB also works with standard Graphic files BMP, TIF, GIF, and JPG.

Voice Recording

Voice Recording

Dictate directly into your database. Problem conditions and comments can easily be recorded in the field using your Pocket PC. Back in the office , your notes can be played back on your desktop computer from within the database if you don’t want to enter the information in the field.

Comprehensive Reports

Comprehensive Reports

Just select the type of report you wish to print. Thermal or Visual problems details with work orders and prioritized lists, as well as Baseline Trending reports with status lists are included. Cost Benefit Analysis Reports or other types can be easily customized or exported.

Compatibility with other Programs

Voice Recording

Create your own custom reports or Export out to: MS Excel, Word, CMMS programs like MAXIMO, the possibilities are endless!